Great news from WATS today 1st February, 2023.

The atmosphere on the campus of West Africa Theological Seminary, Ipaja, Lagos on this day was that of Joy and gladness as the new provost was presented to the community after WATS has steadfastly passed through eight long months under the interim leadership of Dr. Tosin Awolalu since the very unwelcome passing away of our beloved provost, Late Pastor Olufemi Martins.

The chairman of the Governing Council Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi opened his speech by thanking God for his grace upon WATS ruminating on the tough times WATS has encountered in the past years. In his words “tough times don’t last but tough people do”. He also said that leaders solve problems and sees solutions because every problem has a solution.

WATS New Provost – Dr. Gava Dauda

He also said that “today, God has answered our prayers because he has given WATS a new provost”. A man he believes God has sent at a time like this in history to restore WATS in order to move forward as a family with a focus.

The Unveiling of the new provost

From L – R WATS New Provost (Dr. Gava Daudu), Governing Council Chairman (Dr. Oluwayemi Emmanuel)

The Governing Council Chairman upon unveiling the new provost noted that Dr. Daudu Gava is the 7th Provost of WATS. His arrival is timing as the number seven represents perfection. Dr. Daudu Gava, an Associate Professor of New Testament has been a friend of WATS and also an adjunct faculty member for over ten years. Indeed, God does his own things in his own way in his own time and the time is now for WATS.

On the first day of February, 2023, the Governing Council Chairman officially unveiled Dr. Daudu Gava as the new provost of West Africa Theological Seminary.