Short Form: To train men and women for holy living, for carrying the gospel to the unreached, and for catalyzing national spiritual awakening.
Long Form: To be the Theological Seminary of choice in Africa for preparing Christian leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit for advancing God’s Kingdom to all people groups.
WATS is a non-denominational community of higher education that combines academic excellence and Christian spiritual formation to prepare leaders who are transformed, equipped, and anointed by the Holy Spirit for spiritual awakening and holy living so that God’s mission can be accomplished throughout Africa and beyond.
The following list describes those widely known and accepted core values that we have made here at WATS:
  • Scripture: We value the Holy Bible as the divinely revealed Word of God that gives us guidance for our personal lives and encouragement to work together in redeeming our broken world.
  • Holiness: We value the scriptural call for all believers to live lives of personal holiness that contributes to a society that brings honor to God and makes for peaceful social relationships.
  • Mission: We value the scriptural call to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations,” and therefore position ourselves individually and corporately to fulfill this Great Commission both through personal evangelism and global mission.
  • Global: Both in scope of outreach and breadth of teaching personnel, we see the influence of WATS reaching beyond the boundaries of Nigeria to include areas all around the world.
  • Community: We value the scriptural call to “love one another as Christ has loved you,” and commit ourselves to enriching the community of faith through mutual understanding, respect, discipleship accountability, and enthusiastic caring.
  • Learning: As an educational organization, we value the opportunity to learn how to better equip men and women for Christian leadership.
  • Excellence: We value the call to honor God through continually seeking to elevate the quality of our work, our processes, and our products.
  • Diversity: As a non-denominational seminary, WATS pursues diversity among its students, faculty and staff. We serve the global church while remaining faithful to our doctrinal statement and our Wesleyan heritage.
  • Spiritual Formation: WATS is a worshipping community that places value on spiritual formation. We believe spiritual and academic pursuit should be pursued together. We emphasize personal and community formation by providing a rich environment and activities that provides formational opportunities to students, faculty and staff.