Sponsor a leader in training to fulfill his dream.

The story of Albert Emmanuel

“Prior to coming to WATS, I was just a young man with the ambition of becoming a politician.  Though I had been sensing the call of God in my life, I gave it not much thought, until one day while in church teaching children, a man walked in and told me to follow God and that He will help me. Ever since the encounter, I became convinced of the call of God upon my life. Helped me to remain in school and assiduously work towards my dream of becoming a missionary and a teacher of the gospel.

Through a WATS scholarship provided by a Partner; I  shall be able to achieve my vision of becoming a trained missionary, bringing others into the Light”.

The sponsorship effect

  • The Challenge

    Churches in Africa are at risk of continuous poor leadership and false teachings as well as beliefs. The risk increases as a high number of people get into ministry without adequate training. The major causes include lack of financial aid and Inadequate access to training resources.


  • A Better future

    Church leaders who get adequate training are setting themselves up to succeed and also go back to correct the wrong doctrines in their churches in Africa and beyond. These leaders also help transform their communities, countries and the next generation.

Why Gideon 300: A focus on the individual

Our program focuses on the individuals involved. As a sponsor, you connect with the leader in training that you are sponsoring at West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS). WATS will send you constant updates on the progress of your ward. Your support not only addresses church leadership issues but also connects and enables the individual to access quality theological education. Because we want a Sponsor’s connection to be real and tangible, we do not lump your funds together for a general cause. We are therefore reaching out to faithful friends like you to join in making this vision a reality at the cost of $100 (N50,000) monthly or $1,200 (N600,000) yearly.