West Africa theological Seminary
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Community Partners Members of the WATS community are encouraged to be first partners in our WATS@30 campaign for an annual scholarship support of $1,200. Visit:


Gideon 300: These partners come alongside WATS to take up the sponsorship of one or more leaders in training to the time of $1,200 per trainee annually. Visit:


Foundation 30 individuals, churches and corporate bodies are invited to support the growing ministry of WATS to the time of $3,000 or more annually for the maintenance and improvement of infrastructural facilities. Visit:


Nehemiah Donors Support WATS capital development projects such as: The proposed establishment of Global Missions Research Center (GMRC); and continuous furnishing and renovation of the donated hostel by Dr. D. K. Olukoya, our first Nehemiah Donor. Visit:

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Support leadership training in Africa through the engagement of international faculty and instrumentality of WATS programs
There are many ways our partners can help! Every year, WATS engages adjunct faculty members and this is especially suitable for the modular form of its Masters programs. This allows us to draw the best scholars from several leading theological schools both from within and outside Africa. To continue to attract the best to enhance the quality of our programs delivery, we need partners who will support Adjunct Faculty Chairs. We have visiting us on a monthly average, two adjunct faculty. To facilitate their continued coming and guarantee minimum comfort in logistics, feeding and accommodation, it costs an average of $1200 per faculty. The implication is that all we need is a monthly commitment of $100 from TWENTY FOUR partners or $200 monthly from TWELVE. Won’t you rather be one of either 12 or 24 helping us to keep our doors open for quality training to the highest global standards?


Support the recruitment of international students globally for WATS training programs
The key to Africa’s best future is the nurturing, educating, godly mentoring and inspiring of our burgeoning youth population. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Among them are some of the brightest people on the Planet Earth. Preparing these continental treasures in their chosen professions is our greatest hope for the transformation of Africa. Never before has help been so crucial and hopeful both for Africa and for global Christianity. WATS is seeking individuals who will help provide the financial backbone needed to get students from the Gospel resistant areas of Nigeria’s North East through their training. We would like individuals who share our conviction to help train more students who will go out and be instruments of peace. With $1,200annual support from a partner, we are able to cover the cost of tuition and other fees for training one student annually.Your support will go far to change the nation and the world at large. Wouldn’t you rather strengthen our arms today


Offer support for the enhancement of WATS as a digital learning hub for training of WATS graduates who are “leadpreneurs” and peace ambassadors across several areas, including: instructional media, digital learning and publishing
We are praying for sponsorship for the renovation and conversion of an Old Hostel building into a Computer Based Test (CBT) Center.The Center will move our current 20 systems IT training room to a 200 capacity world class ICT hub. Renewable Energy Unreliable power supply from the national grid poses significant challenge to the seminary’s operations. We therefore seek support to implement a solar inverter system to harness the sun’s energy efficiently and consistently, which will translate into substantial cost reduction, thus allowing resources to be more fruitfully channeled towards enhancing our programs. Embracing renewable energy, aligns perfectly with WATS core values of excellence and globalization. The total cost of this project is about $46,000.


We have a long-term vision to mobilize resources for WATS Campus wide infrastructure development through individual and corporate partners.
Included in this vision, is a four-level Global Missions Resource Center (GMRC) housing tech-enhanced seminar rooms, offices and international standard guest suites for visiting research scholars. When completed, visiting international research students, adjunct faculty and other scholars will be able to access our Africana database and archival center of African Church history and work with WATS-GRAP (Grants, Research and Publications) Unit which responsibility is to promote missions and inter-faith studies in Africa. It will also house a reprographic/bindery unit for the preservation and safety of library and archival materials. We continue to appreciate the caliber of people like Dr Daniel K Olukoyawho solely donated a Students’ hostel to the seminary in 2019. To make our dreams come true we need Nehemiah partners like Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya of the Mountainof Fire and Miracles Ministries, who donated a three-floor students’ hostel to WATS in 2019.Funded quickly, the GMRC building which involves an outlay of $5million could reasonably be fully developed within 24months.



Bless Heavenly Father, the life and witness of West Africa Theological Seminary, all members of the WATS Community and our Global Partners who daily cast their bread upon the waters, that they may find the bread soaked with heavenly abundance and blessings; pour the assurance of your presence upon all our donors, and all who work at WATS that they may be strengthened by your Holy Spirit and having been good stewards may rejoice in the promise of eternal life; through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,