Specific Goals of the MA in Christian Education
The program is designed for equipping potential and functional leaders with knowledge, skill and character qualities to enable those trained to serve in church education ministries, teach educational/theological courses in theological institutions, and/or Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) in private and public schools.
The MA in Christian Education is designed for equipping potential and functional leaders with knowledge, skill and character qualities to enable those trained to:
⦁ Demonstrate observable Christ-likeness as manifested in love for God and (for) others.
⦁ Serve in church or any institution of learning as teachers and curriculum developers.
⦁ Serve also in church or parachurch organizations as educators.
⦁ Prepare, implement and supervise the designing and implementation of educational curriculum for different age groups in the church or any institution of learning.
⦁ Guide students’ personal, family or relations and educational development.
⦁ Provide leadership in educational ministries of the church.
Students will be required to take at least one or more electives from the pull below.
General Requirements for Admission
Applicants generally must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in religion or theology, with a second-class pass, from any recognized university or theological college or seminary which is either affiliated with a Nigerian university at the degree level or accredited by the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) or any candidate with equivalent qualification(s) from outside Nigeria. Admission into all master’s programs is monthly, except the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, which has been upgraded to include a Fast Track option of 2 years (January, April, July and October) in addition to the Regular 3 years January and July contacts depending on availability.

Candidates are required to write entrance examinations and must fulfil all general and departmental requirements. Also, they are required to fulfil the following:
1. Purchase and complete Application Forms
2. Provide an official transcript of previous academic work
3. Provide three letters of recommendation from the following: one from the candidate’s denominational leader; one from a former professor/instructor; and one from a professional colleague
4. Write a biographical essay (not less than 500 words) on their lives before and after conversion and their call to ministry.
5. Attend and pass an oral interview

Preferences for admission will be given to those holding accredited Bachelor’s degrees in religion or theology. Candidate(s) with first degrees in non-religious areas may be admitted into WATS’ Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, or Master of Arts in Christian Education. A Bachelor’s degree in education will be an added advantage for a Master of Arts in Christian Education.