Spiritual Formation at WATS 

Within the context of Christian spirituality in any organization, Spiritual Formation in a way is seen as the process by which those who have come to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior are helped to conform to the image of Christ in their lives and within the context of community. As evident in the scriptures; 2 Corinthians 3:17-18, and Romans 12:1-2, the goal of Spiritual Formation activities is Christ-likeness and, it focuses on transformation of people’s lives.

Formation as it is known to be is an organic, life-long, and wholistic process involving right thinking, right behaviors, and right feelings of individuals towards themselves and others. It focuses on the ordinary maturing of people’s relationship with God which inturn impacts on their relationship with others.

WATS is a worshipping community that places value on spiritual formation. As Christian institution, we believe spiritual and academic pursuit should be pursued together. Hence, at West Africa Theological Seminary, emphasis is placed on personal and community formation by providing a rich environment and activities that provides the enabling formational opportunities to students, faculty and staff alike.

Spiritual Formation at WATS aims at facilitating in the seminary community, a deepening of our love for God and others through the practice of spiritual disciplines, personal reflections, and communal worship. It is an exercise that is geared towards a transformational process of how to become like Jesus in ways that facilitate spiritual growth.

In West Africa Theological Seminary, we are committed to the spiritual well being of our students in order to ensure that we are producing leaders with the right mindsets for the numerous churches we are serving and invariably the society at large.


      Our Activities

      • Traditional Spiritual Formation courses like ‘Spiritual life formation’ and ‘Spiritual life of the Minister’ are taught both at the Undergraduate and Masters level in the Seminary with the purpose of giving our students different pathways that leads to growth in their lives and ministries.
      • Discipleship class sessions take place on Tuesdays between the hour of 11am and 12pm. It is compulsory for students and staff to partake in this spiritual exercise geared towards the spiritual development of the students.
      • Chapel services are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and Community prayer takes place on Thursday. Attendance is required of all students and staff. These chapel services provide spiritual upliftment for all with each service devoted to singing, prayers and the preaching of the word.
      • One on One mentorship is another spiritual formation process put in place by the Seminary, and by this, students are required to meet with their mentors at least for about an hour every week throughout the semester, and this is geared towards the students living a life of accountability.
      • Spiritual Life formation development for our on campus students is another step in the direction of forming Christ in them. The students hostel comprises of six dormitory with designated students who functions as hostel prefects. These hostels named after for some key persons related to the Seminary includes, Maxey hostel; Onwuka hostel; Kalu hostel; Udotong hostel; McCain hostel, and Silling hostel. Spiritual formation activities that takes place includes the following:
        • Morning devotion
          First bell rings at 5am for students living on campus to wake up. By 5.10am the second bell rings and students at this time are expected to be quiet, in the attitude of meditation with their Bible and devotional materials by their side. The general devotion stops by 5.30am after which the students commence their personal devotions.
        • Evening devotion
          The evening devotion gets kicked off with a bell at 7.45pm telling students to hasten up all activities in readiness for the devotion in their various hostels. In accordance with roaster already prepared, students are scheduled to lead praise and worship sessions, prayers and Bible studies.
        • Wednesday evening combined devotion
          On this day, all students are expected to converge at the chapel of the Seminary by 5:45pm, and by 6pm, the devotion starts which lasted for one hour [between the hour of 6 and 7pm]