B.A. Religious Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at West Africa Theological Seminary is done in affiliation with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka since 1992. The department emphasizes the application of religious truth to the cultural environment of Africa and the Nigerian society in particular.

Religion is studied in its three areas of expression in Nigeria: Judeo-Christian, African, and Islamic. The degree programme (B.A.) is with emphasis on Christian Religious Studies. The general objectives of the programme are to provide students with adequate knowledge, attitudes, values and skills generic to religion and cultural studies lasting for a period of 3 – 4 years depending on entry qualification on either full time or part-time options. The B. A. Religious Studies certificate is issued by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Required Courses

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Christian History and Doctrine
  • Religion and Society
  • African Traditional Religion
  • Religious Ethics
  • Field Trips and Tutorials
  •  Seminar
  • Project

Dual Degree

Save Time! Save Money!

WATS offers a part-time B.A. Religious Studies programme. Basic requirements include:

    • Five (5) credits in WAEC/NECO/GCE including Mathematics, English, Christian Religious Knowledge and One Science subject.
    • Holders of 2-year Diploma from UNN or other approved universities OR a 3-year Diploma of recognized Theological Institutions will be admitted into 2/3 years Direct Entry (DE) programme.
    • Must fulfill other internal additional process as required.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of this Department have opportunities to undertake advance studies in disciplines associated with religious and socio-cultural studies. Consultancy and employment opportunities abound in Bible translation agencies locally and internationally for graduates of religion. Graduates of this programme are also trained to work in corporate bodies, companies and institutions as Public Relations Personnel and other related opportunities which require high ethical principles, as well as in conflict resolution related outfits. Jobs more closely related to religious studies are Lay Minister/ Pastoral Caregiver, Counselor, Community Advisor, Management Trainer, Customer Services Representatives, Community Project Coordinator, Aid Organization Administrator, Government/ Institution Policy Analyst, Peace Corps Officer, Ministry of Arts and Culture. They can also engage in self-employment as consultants.

Field Trips and Tutorials

Courses in Field trip and Tutorial attempt to acquaint students with ancient religious centers, museums, modern religious institutions, ecumenical centers and religious personalities whose wealth of experience will expose students to better understanding of religion.

LUMANZE Obedben Mmesomachukwu

“My experience at WATS was a wonderful one. The Seminary offered me and of course, other colleagues, the opportunity and enabling environment to discover and develop our potentials. WATS helped prepare me in the following areas: (i) to become an effective, global and missionary-minded Christian via her spiritual formation and mission programs, (ii) to become an agent of change and of social justice, and  (iii) to know how to engage in theological scholarship.  The BA in Religion & Cultural Studies made me to realize the need to respect and tolerate other people’s faith, worldviews and religious inclinations. The program also helped get me familiarized with interreligious dialogue and the diverse manifestations of Christianity throughout the world. WATS is really the best!”

AGBU Ezekiel Agbu

“My experience at WATS was tremendous. The BA in Religion & Cultural Studies made me to appreciate the gospel the more and to respect and tolerate other people’s faith. The program also helped me to think critically on every matter of faith and society. WATS is the best training ground for great minds”.

Mrs. Udo Okugbe

Mrs. Udo Okugbe

Head of Department

E-mail: u.oti@wats.edu.ng

Mobile: +234 806 751 1673

Dr. Eugene Ukaoha

Dr. Eugene Ukaoha


Pastor Jeremiah Oluwadare

Pastor Jeremiah Oluwadare


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