School of Graduate & Professional Studies

About the School of Professional Studies

Leadership for the common good is a belief that developing authenticity in people is the way to help them transform their world. That the common good is established each time a person, organization, or community reaches beyond individual self-interest for the sake of the greater whole. To that end, the School of Professional Studies is poised to produce graduates who will be world transformers. This school is led by scholar practitioners who are experts in their fields and who focus our curriculum on personal formation, competency, and relationships in developing leaders who work to transform their world and enhance the common good in their workplaces and communities.

Personal formation

Developing authentic leaders on a journey of integration, spiritual growth, and maturity. Our students after graduation become leaders who understand that personal, organizational, and community existence are tied to the sustainability of local and global systenms.


Prof. John Brown Okwii

Dr. Pius Usenu
Ass. Dean, School of Professional Studies

Miss. Chukuma-Ijem DivineFavor
Director, School of Professional Studies

Department of Pastoral/Mission

Rev. John Onwuka
HOD, Pastoral/Mission Department

Pst. Moye Olajide

Deparment of Biblical Studies

Dr. Akinola Agboola Olusanya
Acting HOD, Biblical Studies


BA in Theology (Religious Studies – in affiliation with UNN, Nsukka) (Sec. & Pri.)
BA in Conflict Management and Peace Studies (In View)
BA in Christian Leaderhsip Studies (In View)
BA in Chaplaincy Ministries (Hospitals, military, paramilitaries, etc.) (In View)