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Yale 60-a100 – 0bxy-sr Externe Sirene, weiß: Baumarkt. Die Box Sirene wird montiert auf der Vorderseite der Gebäude, in einer sehr sichtbar fungiert als eine wunderbare visuelle Abschreckung permanent 。 Wenn aktiviert, die Sirene klingelt und blinkt die LED-Licht 。 Einfache Pairing mit dem sr-1100i Alarm sr-3200i und Kit Kit 。 SIRENA DOMEST EXT. SMARTPH YALE SMART LIVING AMA 。 。 。

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Christian education is a disciple-making ministry of the church; we offer education that is Christocentric and our mission is to prepare people who will in turn disciple others.


The Biblical and Religious Studies (BRS) program is designed with the aim of raising Biblical scholars who are competent in analytical thinking, exegetically sound, and trained to carry out independent research and writing in Biblical studies.


The Department is designed to equip Christian men and women for local and global missionary and pastoral tasks in evangelism, church planting, disciple-making, church administration, pastoral counseling and social services.


Encouraging members of WATS community to be the seminary’s first partners.


Providing scholarship support for leaders in training

Yale 60-a100  weiß  0bxy-sr Externe Sirene

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Providing infrastructural and basic amenities to facilitate leadership training in Africa


Supporting WATS capacity building projects

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Yale 60-a100  weiß  0bxy-sr Externe Sirene

Yale 60-a100 – 0bxy-sr Externe Sirene, weiß,Yale,60-A100-0BXY-SR, Baumarkt, Sicherheitstechnik, Überwachungstechnik, Komplettsysteme


What our students say

Studying in WATS was the best thing that ever happened to me; I was privileged to sit under some of the best theologians in the world. 

Kingsley Okugbe
Rev. Kingsley Okugbe
MDiv, M.A Biblical Studies (OT/NT)

WATS is on a tipping point of catalyzing spiritual awakening and revival. That’s why I answered God’s call to come from the Southern part of Africa to be a part of this wonderful move of God.

Rev. Kabelo Lekala
B.A Theology

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